NB1 Grey Tanking Slurry
This BBA tested and approved German tanking slurry has one of the highest water resistance figures of  any similar product on the market. It is able to withstand up to 13 bar, Active or passive face. This extra performance over conventional slurries is achieved by the crystalline growth properties designed into this product. Once applied to a suitable background, the crystals grow into available capillaries blocking off the passage of water. This action takes place under normal circumstances and does not rely on free lime being available. For more technical information, click here.
Repair Mortar Plus
A fast setting Waterproof Mortar which has non-cracking properties and expands slightly as it sets. This material is used for a multitude of functions.
Polysil TG500
Spray applied to help control salts and harden the surfaces ready to receive NB1 Grey. Also used to help cure and harden the tanking slurry.
Koster S.B
A liquid additive used to provide a flexible tanking slurry.