Vandex BB75 Grey is a Cementitious Waterproofing slurry. It is suitable for Type 'A' Waterproofing on either the external or internal face of a ground retaining wall. However, the wall has to be strong enough to resist the pressures if water come to bear. Best suited to an engineered designed wall or floor. Vandex can be used in a remedial situation if the substructure is adequate.
If used on a rubble filled granite wall that is ground retaining, there is a high risk of failure.
Above Ground Use
Applied to the inner face only. Due t the absence of water pressure, it may be possible to apply onto a suitable sand/cement render or pre-bagged render. To avoid condensation, it is essential to apply a protection coat of sand and cement where sited behind a dry lining system. The base coat render must not contain a waterproofer. Tested to control water pressure(passive or active) of up to 7 bar.