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Thermal Anti-Condensation Paint

With condensation and mould growth being a common problem for building occupants and household owners, Anti Condensation paint has been developed to combat condensation and mould growth on walls. 

This paint can be applied to a variety of areas such as Steel frame buildings, metal cladding, hand rails and more. It can also be used as part of an underfloor heating system.

£ 20.55 (1 litre)

Cleaning Spray


The cleaning spray has been designed to specifically to remove unsightly grime caused and left behind by condensation and black mould. Containing no harmful biocides and being made of all natural ingredients, health concerns can be put at ease. 

Spray on the affected area and leave for 10-15 minutes (300mm around affected area for a deep clean) then wipe off any remaining residue.

£ 7.70 (1 litre)

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Paint Additive

Anti-mould paint additive turns any Emulsion, Vinyl Silk, Vinyl Matt and acrylic into a anti-mould paint. When used in conjunction with the Suretherm Anti Mould paint it is an effective treatment against mould. Anti-mould paint additive is made of plant based ingredients and no harmful biocides, there are no health concerns to be worried about.

Add one 100ml bottle to any 25 litre paint and apply as normal.

£ 6.10 (100mm)

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