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Paint removal

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Doff Machine

Our Doff machine is used to remove built up coats of paint.  Made for outdoor application, we are able to utilise our unique water-recovery system to allow mess-free use of this machine indoors.

Combining operating temperatures of up to 150ºC with high water pressure, this machine is extremely effective at removing almost any coating without using chemicals.

The pressure and temperature are fully adjustable, allowing us to adapt to individual surfaces and ensuring that the substrate is not damaged.

From road markings to chewing gum, Kenitex to all modern masonry paints, the Doff can remove them all, leaving the surfaces needing minimal preparation before receiving a new finish.

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Why should you have paint removed?

Most modern masonry paints contain acrylic, a type of thermoplastic.  Problems can occur when a number of coats are built up over time, creating a dense plastic-wrapping effect over the building.   Any defect in the coatings will let storm water in without allowing it to evaporate out.  This effect can sometimes be seen as pockets of water held behind the paint.


It should be noted that while Micro porous masonry paints will allow water to evaporate, this effect is reduced as more coats are added.

A building* in this state risks developing a number of problems:

  • Loss of thermal value

  • Risk of frost damage

  • Fungal decay to built in timbers (joist ends and lintels etc)

  • Condensation and the germination of mould


If you suspect your building may be suffering from any of these issues, we can perform a water test to establish the condition of your walls before any further action is taken.

*Solid stone walls, solid brick, and solid block walls with this kind of paint build-up are vulnerable.

A build-up of paint on a cavity wall is not detrimental to the building. 

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